S/Sgt Hentz 456th PFAB 82nd Airborne

Outstanding uniform grouping belonging to S/Sgt Hentz consisting of 

Jacket ,Shirt, Tie, Trousers, Belt, Side Cap plus all the following ribbons 

WW2 Victory,European-African/Middle Eastern,Good Conduct,Asiatic-Pacific,American Campaign,Croix De Guere (France) with palm leaves,Unit…

US Army Combined Opps

S/N 37548161

US Army Yankee Division

S/N 31018120

D-Day Medic Vet Patch Grouping.
From Bellefontaine, Ohio. Traqined as a medical aidman. Mr Detrick ended up serving with an Assault Engineer Battalion as evidenced by the "Seahorse" patch worn on the pocket of his jacket.

The Grouping includes his medals (EAME Campaign with 4 bronze campaign starts and 1 bronze arrowhead…

US Navy Submariner

S/N 432-41-38

325th GIR Jacket C Company
Formerly issued to Sgt Paris. L. Scotts
S/N 35290438 E Company
KIA Normandy 9/6/44 
Normandy Cemetery Plot E row 8 grave 9

Private Donald W. Mc Roberts s/n 33483470

515th Airborne Recon

Comes with dog tags and loads of pictures.


505th G Company P.I.R. 3rd Battalion B. T.(Bazooka Team )

Received wings at Fort Benning 1942, listed as mia in North Africa 12.7.43 then Operation Husky plus operations in Sicily. Later on sent to Salerno, Italy then on to Ireland then to England based at Quorn Camp in Leicestershire. He took off from Cottesmore airfield for Normandy (…

From the estate of "Sergeant Paul W. Dehart, Headquarters Company Combat CommandA, 5th Armoured Division"
He was born and raised in Mohnton, PA. He entered the service in June, 1941 and was trained at Fort Knox, Kentucky in October, 1941. He landed at Normandy and fought across Europe - Battle of the Bulge, Rhineland etc.


WWII 8th AAF Grouping
Consisting of:
Sergeant's Stripes
Cap Badge
Collar Insignia
8th Air Force Insignia
Engineer Specialist Badge

3 Ribbon Bars with Combat Stars:
American Defense Medal
European Theatre Medal
Good Conduct Medal

Outstanding named paratrooper uniform that belonged to Walter Kaskiel. Kaskiel served in combat late in the war with a conventional infantry unit and then volunteered for the 327th Glider Infantry right at the end of the war, went to jump school and served in the 508th during the early occupation.

Serial Number 132482873

101st  Airborne 327 GIR William D. Boettner

Jacket has 28th infantry Division patch and D.I.S from the 112th Infantry Regiment.

Participated  in the Rhineland Campaign commanding platoon of infantry weapons and rifles. He also served as a training officer commanding a detachment of light…