Tribute to Heroes - How It Came To Be

My father was still serving in the Royal Marines when I was born (in Malta), so my earliest memories are of army barracks and all things military, especially as WWII had only been over for a few years. It did not take long for me to take a real interest in WWII as a hobby and I was soon gathering mementos and books etc, in fact anything and everything I could get my hands on relating to the war. Without realising it, I was fast becoming a serious collector…..>

Tribute to Heroes
As I was growing up, I became more and more intrigued by the heroics of the US forces in the European campaign and was adding more and more US militaria to my collection. I had medals, uniforms, helmets and anything at all US from WWII that I could find …. (not so simple in the days before Ebay!). After I was married, I converted our attic into my own little personal museum…..I loved it!
Then we bought a larger house requiring extensive building work. Ah, well….While the builders are in, might as well have them build a proper home for my WWII stuff, then… So, my lovely, long suffering wife, Sarah, let me build my museum….Tribute to Heroes was born! I have my own small business and from it, I support various charities helping ex-servicemen/women and when anyone visits Tribute to Heroes, I ask them to make a donation to one, or all of them….. It works!
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