Collectors of American WWII memorabilia

Our good friends Sarah Dave Mustow have for many years been collectors of American WWII memorabilia, the collection grew so large that they decided to create their own private museum. I have had the privilege of being allowed to visit a couple of times and I can honestly say it's a fascinating place, Dave knows every piece and the story behind it, he's even met the soldiers who wore the uniforms in the collection. The museum has its own website which has just been updated so pop over and have a good browse through. ..... what's not to like ?

Shane Boschat

Fantastic Site !

Didn't realise you had so much equipment.

Dave Maindonald

Great Site !

Looks Very Cool!!!

Dale Lindley

Great Site !

Congratulations  for the site you created,

it looks great !

Harry Cauchi

It really is a wonderful collection

My very good friend Sarah Dave Mustow started collecting US Militia when he was still only a young lad ( years ago ? ) It really is a wonderful collection, many of the uniforms in the collection, Dave has met the guys who wore them during their time in service in WW2. I know some of you have had the privilege of popping into the museum at Dave’s home. Below is the link to the website, giving you a chance to just see a glimpse of this brilliant collection.

Ricky Le Quesne

Privileged to have visited the museum

I have been privileged to have visited the museum a couple of times and I can honestly say it\'s a fitting tribute to all those who served. Keep up the good work Dave, I hope to visit again soon

Shane Boschat


I saw your collection, there are 2 of my old helmets there, felt very proud. You have amazing things very nice work ! i had a Willys myself some 20 years ago fully restored. Just like your Ford but Willys. May be i should  visit there sometime. I love ww2 themed museums.

Ionnis Vouyiouklakis


Wow !! what a great collection !!  I love all of the helmets and uniforms also what a great looking Jeep !!

Michael Newman . Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tour of your collection

Hi Dave many thanks for the tour of your collection, really nice to see another persons perspective on collecting. The personal connections and links are a step that in my sphere is just not possible - well done, it gives a whole different insight to the items.

Gareck Meise

Wow !

Went to the website.

Wow ! Really cool stuff and I wasn't even aware of the story of your father. Was great to read 

Well Done

Sean Hussey Capt MC USN