Pvt John. F. Shulak

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505th G Company P.I.R. 3rd Battalion B. T.(Bazooka Team )

Received wings at Fort Benning 1942, listed as mia in North Africa 12.7.43 then Operation Husky plus operations in Sicily. Later on sent to Salerno, Italy then on to Ireland then to England based at Quorn Camp in Leicestershire. He took off from Cottesmore airfield for Normandy (D-Day) 6.6.44, dropped into St Mere Eglise and was listed as mia/pow for a few days but returned to his unit. More fighting and was wounded on 11.6.44 and captured becoming pow and spent the rest of war in Stalag 4b near Mulberg in Germany a total of 373 days. Returned to the USA in late 1945