Tribute To Heroes: Uniforms
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Military Vehicles
This is my restored military Jeep
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Helmets on display in the museum.
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Welcome to my WWII museum.

I have been collecting US WWII military artifacts for many years, so many that I decided to create ‘TRIBUTE TO HEROES’, a museum dedicated to the brave soldiers, sailors and airmen/women who fought and the many who died in World War II.

My father, Frank Mustow, served in the British Royal Marines for over 21 years, throughout the duration of WWII and beyond, incuding many dangerous missions, eventually retiring at the rank of Captain. Read More…

We are constantly adding to the extensive collection of WWII military uniforms, weapons, equipment and artifacts at our museum, so we often have more than we need and we occasionally put these items up for sale.

If you are a collector, or just want to own certain WWII items, then keep a regular eye on the constantly changing items for sale at Tribute to Heroes.

Feel free to browse through my pride and joy.

My Dad
82nd Airbourne
101st Airbourne
USS Arizona Memorial
1st Airbourne
Airbourne Command